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Welcome To Our Shop

Welcome to the Back Stage Shop the online supplier for all of your backstage requirements.

Click on "shop" above. Inside you will find a wide range of products from leading manufacturers covering all types of Stage Lighting Lighting Control, desks, Dimmers, lanterns, moving lights, Special Effects, Smoke Machines, together with Architectural lighting from simple pea lamps, & fibre optics, to the most sophisticated colour changing city colour lanterns.,

Sound is well represented with amplifiers, speakers, microphones, radio mics togther with all of their cables and accesories. We also offer Video projectors, screens, & Stage Management items, stage curtains, starcloths and flamecheck.

Performers are not forgotten with a vast range of Theatre Make Up, Greasepaint, from such manufactures as Kryolan and Leichner, together with a selection of special effects, theatrical blood, latex and much much more,

If you dont see what you want, or need some help and advice, we are only to pleased to help. We offer free advice based on over 20 years experience supplying equipment for just about every form of entertainment. full technical design and consultancy service.

You will also find details of our Lighting design, Sound design , & Video design service for all forms of entertainment, events, conferences, together with our lighting sound and video hire service.

If we dont have what you want, or you need further details or help get in touch, we are here to help and value your custom

All you have to do is get in contact

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Our stock includes, Aquacolour, Supracolour, from Kryolan, Kamera Klear and Pancake greasepaint from Leichner, Foundations, Special effects and metallic make up from Ben Nye, the full range of screenface film and video make up products, outrageous eyelashes from stargazer, the complete range of camoflage and tattoo concealing make up from dermacolor, and face & body paints from Snazaroo. This is augmented with Make Up cases, portable make up mirrors, Brushes, Books and a full range of special effects, latex, blood, slime and vomit. Everything for the professional make up artist of keen amateur.

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New Products

Bury College Airbrush Kit


the kit contains:
1 x neo air bush and compressor
1 x temptu S/B 12 pack foundation starter
1 x temptu S/B Blush & highlight 7 pack
1 x temptu primer
1 x tempti S/B Neutralizer wheel
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Bury College Body Art SFX kit


The kit contains:
1 x Redhead
1 x neo air brush and compressor
1 x temptu dura skin liquid starte kit
1 x temptu dura burn liquid starter
1 x kryolan TL1 20g
1 x fardel cream white
1 x snazaroo 18ml white
1 x snazaroo 18ml black
1 x ben Nye MD13
1 x Makerm pro liquid latex 100ml
1 x Ben Nye Nose and Scar wax 28g
3 x Glyn Mackay Bruise gel, yellow, Dk Red, and Blue
4 x Bloody Mary eyeshow, olive, Burgundey,Charcoal,Black
1 x Kryolan 100ml Glycerine
1 x Bloody Mary Scab Blood
1 x Ben Nye Stage flood 2oz
2 x Kryolan Supracolour palettes, B & W
1 x 500ml Isopropyl alcohol
1 x duo surgical adhesive
1 x special plastic
1 x rigod collodion

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South Lanarkshire College SFX kit 2014


the 2014 SFX contains
1 x Ben Nye CK3 Cuts & Bruises wheel
1 x ben Nye CK5 Burns and Blister wheel
1 x Kryolan Wound filler 30ml
1 x Ben Nye Bond off
includes royal mail postage
1 x Makerm pro Video blood 100ml
1 x stipple sponge
1 x makerm spirit gum
1 x kryolan tuplast
1 x makerm wounf wax 75grm
1 x makerm latex 100ml
1 x theatre basisc brush set 2
1 x metal sculpting tool
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Black molton drapes

Alginate 500g

Alginate 500g


mix with cold water to create a cream which when applied to the skin will solidify and create a perfect negative copy.
Mixing - 1 min
working - 2 min
setting 3 mins
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Aquacolour Day Glo liquid 30ml

Aquacolour Day Glo liquid 30ml


A dense highly pigmented fluid that will fluoresce under UV light.
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Aquacolour UV Body Liquid 100ml

Aquacolour UV Body Liquid 100ml


A fluid wash that will fluorese under Uv light.
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Day Glo Pallette


6 water soluable Day Glo special effect colours in a pallette
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Dayglow hair gel 50ml

Dayglow hair gel 50ml

Dayglow hair gel 50ml

Dayglow hair gel 50ml

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